BioAccess V2

BioAccess V2 Plus is a standalone fingerprintTime Attendance System. It has got TCP/IP (Ethernet) connectivity with USB Disk for easy data download.


Corporations - This is a multi-function system, capable of entry control, work hour management, and drinking water management.

Academies/Schools - This can be used for school administrative tasks, including entry control and student attendance records.

Hotel and Leisure Facilities - You can use this product for customer management, in order to offer speedy and distinguished premium service to your customers.

Financial Institutions / Research Centers Access Control - These card are also used in FInancial Instituions and Research Centers.


Fastest Fingerprint Scanning & Matching - The algorithm ensures that Fingerprint Matching will take Less Than 1 Sec.

Rugged & Scratch proof Fingerprint Scanner - BioAccess V2 Plus come with rugged and scratch-proof fingerprint scanner with long life. Some competing products in the market require you to change the scanner surface every few months.

TCP/IP & USB Disk Functions - BioAccess V2 Plus come with TCP/IP LAN Ethernet connectivity as well as USB Disk function allowing you to upload/download logs and users onsite using USB flash disk.

Inbuilt Battery - The devise having internal battery which goes upto two hour in standard condition.

Standard Option - Work Code, Scheduled Bell (Speaker). 9 Digits.