Smart Card Services

These cards are typically used for physical as well as logical access management. Which is applied in different sector like banking, transportation, shopping and in corporate for access control and management of attendance. Our aim is to make the government's e-governance model successful and give Indian companies and systems a smart, secure and paperless work place.

Contactless Smart Card

  • RFID Smart Card (Proximity card)
  • MIFare Card

Contact Smart Card

  • Magstrip Smart Card
  • Barcode Card
  • Smart Card with IC Chip (ISO-7816 Standard) with OS

Material Used

  • PVC
  • Teslin
  • Poly Carbonate
  • Dimension: 85mm x 54mm

Contact Card:

Contactless Card:

Sample Card:


  • Physical: UV Protected, Waterproof, Temperature proof
  • Logical: Based on Digital certificates, Algorithms & Cryptographic keys

Manufacturing Capacity

Our unit of card manufacturing has a capacity to produce 5000 Card per day.

We offer plastic cards of the finest quality with exquisite printing in a wide spectrum of colors.Our plastic cards are printed on Heidelberg Press which ensures accurate, detailed, natural, brilliant reproduction of the artwork.

We offer a variety of smart cards both contact and contactless which operate on various technologies. Our smart cards are used for various application sensuring fast, secure and efficient management of any card oriented process.We provide a range of high performance card printers. Our card printers are used to print ID cards, Loyalty Cards, Access Cards, Discount Cards and Gift Cards.Our card printers have become a favorite because of their ease of use.