Group Overview

Ipseity Group started first unit of manufacturing of PVC ID Card in 2010 name Ipseity Smart card and simply works in plastic ID card. The group expanded work rapidly in the field of smart card for reducing paper work and in the field of IT Sector in 2012. Today Ipseity group is the only one and MP's first group who works in the field of smart card product in large scale.

Ipseity group gradually grows with time to time lavishly to further diversify into other sector. Today the group is working in the field of Smart card, Biometrics Devices & IT Support.

Ipseity is one of the group of engineers, who has the ability to understand customer's need, and who has the spirit to think, learn and discover new technology according to customer's need & satisfaction. Ipseity Group of entities are operating in different sectors like Manufacturing of Smart Card, PVC ID Card, Web projects, Portal maintenance, Biometric devices and solution.

The Group's Service Sector:

  • Smart Card Production
  • Biometrics Solution
  • Software Development
  • Web Hosting & Development

Company's Objectives

  • To Provide top quality products & services which maximize client's results.
  • To conduct our business according to the highest levels of ethics.
  • To develop the career and skills of our employees so that they can fulfill their objectives, and maximize their contribution to the success of the company.


Our primary vision is to offer world-class ID Cards and other plastic cards because quality and customers' satisfaction is gateway of becoming world leading manufacturer and supplier. Our unmatched products have reached across India and will certainly reach to every parts of the world.